“I’ve been dancing with Debbie for at least five years, and her class has become my favorite workout of the week–and a truly moving experience both physically and emotionally. Debbie picks the BEST music for each genre, and every class member feels welcomed and competent.  Debbie’s positive teaching style means we all can do a full-on dance routine within an hour! Flexibility, strength, balance, aerobics–Debbie’s BeMoved class covers it all in a fun and joyous atmosphere.” – Linda G.

Debbie’s BeMoved® classes are a highlight in my week. She is incredibly warm and welcoming and somehow manages to make what look like complex dance moves, easy to learn. The moves are gentle on the body and have made a positive difference in my flexibility and muscle tone. I walk out smiling every single time and the lift lasts for hours! Debbie’s classes not only make my body happy, they make my heart sing! 

-  Ellen B.

BeMoved® lets you feel what dance is supposed to feel like --  liberating and exhilarating -- in a pressure-free atmosphere and to great music.  

                                            - Sally T.

 I LOVE BeMoved®.  It's the highlight of my week​!

                                                                          - Sarah M.

I wouldn't miss it; am so glad it's part of my weekly life. And it is. You'll smile from start to finish and sing along maybe, too!         

                                                                     -  Judy I.​

What a great reason to kick off the covers and jump out of bed on Sunday mornings!  This is not your garden variety exercise class.  

                       - Jennifer A.

I love BeMoved®!  It is uplifting and joyous.  Among other benefits, I have seen increased coordination and flexibility, better posture, and a stronger core. ​

                                       -  Kathryn E.

I love the music, and especially the variety of choreography and musical genres.  I enjoy the intellectual challenge of learning a new combination each week -- we can exercise our brains as well as our bodies!                   

                                                                       -  Terry B.​​

It's the most fun I've ever had doing exercise.                                                                               -  Dale F.

BeMoved® provides me with exercise that is kind to my body and the joy of dance. This excellent program is greatly enhanced by the mastery of Debbie's instruction. Thank you, Debbie & BeMoved®!

                         - Cheryl A.